Hi my name is Gregory Martin,

Close friends and family call me Gogo, a nickname that I got from my brother since I was a baby. My journey in filmmaking and photography dated back in 2011 when I started learning Photoshop & graphic design: doing photo manipulations, CD album covers, flyers, ETC. In parallel with graphic design I started exploring photography, studying other people’s work especially their composition & angles. I developed an eye-for-details, and soon enough I started retouching/editing pictures and experiencing with different editing styles. The more I studied the art the more I developed a passion for it.

My freshman year in college I used my refund money to buy my first DSRL Camera and took thousands of pictures to get hands-on experience. With my DSLR Camera I got into videos, studied filmmaking techniques such as lighting, cinematic composition, Foleys/audio recording. Whenever I was free, I would write scripts, shoot short films, documentaries, and music videos to gain experience and sharpen my skills. I use my graphic design background to develop visual effects & editing styles that is different from everyone. 

In 2019, with the help of my good friend Richardson Issacs, we birth Gogo Design Studio in his guest bedroom. Within a year we moved the studio to a commercial place because we wanted more space to expand our creativity, and we wanted our clients to feel more comfortable.

Today, with the help of my team I directed and shot 100+ music videos, short films & help small businesses getting more leads and increase their sales through our video & photography services. 

Greg Martin - Video Director | Photographer of Gogo Design Films

Gregory Martin - Filmmaker & Photographer

Video Director Greg Martin Shooting Music Video in Yonkers, New York. DJI Ronin Stabilizer, Cinema Camera, BTS-
Gogo Design Films - NOIR FILMS - Camera Crew, Hip Hop Video Shoot in Fairfield CT
Director Greg Martin - Directing  CT Rapper Trey Tuck Video shoot in Atlanta GA
Music Video Director Gogo Design films - Quasar LED, Video Light, Behind the Scenes.